Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twitter blocked from work?

A recent survey by Robert Half Technology, shows that 54% of companies had already blocked twitter completely.
The survey included more than 1,400 CIOs from companies across the United States with 100 or more employees.
I think that this is absurd. People will always find ways to access Twitter. There are the simple solutions like Unblock Twitter, and the more complicated options such as proxies and others.
No matter what you do, if someone wants to access Twitter from work, he will find a way to do it. It is impossible to block information flow. People that want to have access to information will always find a way to get it. There is no question about it. Even with the recent events around the Iranian Elections, the Iranians found a way to access Twitter, and this is after their government worked really hard to block Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and all the rest. This battle is going to be hard but the people will win!


  1. This application Time Doctor uses a better method than blocking Twitter because it only monitors Twitter during work hours. Team members still can use it during breaks. Plus some people need to use Twitter for their work so it's silly to just block it.

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  3. Yes I do agree with Robert that "Hotspot Shield" is the best solutin to access twitter from work as it offers you firewall protection as an added security measure and the incoming data traffic is blocked while you surf the internet anonymously and in complete privacy. You can access Twitter from work, use Facebook, watch YouTube videos, check Gmails and do a lot more thanks to Hotspot Shield VPN that otherwise wouldn't be normally possible on office computers.