Friday, September 25, 2009

Can't access Facebook from Syria?

The Syrian government has recently joined the respected club of countries that block Facebook.
The Syrians are mad since Facebook had recognized the Golan heights are part of Israel.
First, if you are in Syria, you can always find excellent alternatives to access Facebook, even if your government doesn't like it, it will probably work great.
As for the Syrian government - How stupid can you be?
Who are you punishing?
Now the citizens of Syria are held (virtual) hostage because of your stupidity. Let them connect to the world, They don't live in the Golan anyhow, only Israelis live there.
Do you really think that someone cares if you are in Facebook or not?
Actually I care, because I think that the world will be a better world if more people know what is going on behind the Firewall their government had put to "protect them".
If more Syrians will access Facebook, they will know the western world better and maybe one day they will actually want to be part of it.


  1. Yes, I agree with you, this kind of restrictions will lead to great misconceptions in the mind of Eastern as well as western World about each other.
    We want a restrection free Cyber World!

  2. You can easily access Facebook in Syria using vpn account (