Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twitter blocked from work?

A recent survey by Robert Half Technology, shows that 54% of companies had already blocked twitter completely.
The survey included more than 1,400 CIOs from companies across the United States with 100 or more employees.
I think that this is absurd. People will always find ways to access Twitter. There are the simple solutions like Unblock Twitter, and the more complicated options such as proxies and others.
No matter what you do, if someone wants to access Twitter from work, he will find a way to do it. It is impossible to block information flow. People that want to have access to information will always find a way to get it. There is no question about it. Even with the recent events around the Iranian Elections, the Iranians found a way to access Twitter, and this is after their government worked really hard to block Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and all the rest. This battle is going to be hard but the people will win!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Can't access Facebook from Syria?

The Syrian government has recently joined the respected club of countries that block Facebook.
The Syrians are mad since Facebook had recognized the Golan heights are part of Israel.
First, if you are in Syria, you can always find excellent alternatives to access Facebook, even if your government doesn't like it, it will probably work great.
As for the Syrian government - How stupid can you be?
Who are you punishing?
Now the citizens of Syria are held (virtual) hostage because of your stupidity. Let them connect to the world, They don't live in the Golan anyhow, only Israelis live there.
Do you really think that someone cares if you are in Facebook or not?
Actually I care, because I think that the world will be a better world if more people know what is going on behind the Firewall their government had put to "protect them".
If more Syrians will access Facebook, they will know the western world better and maybe one day they will actually want to be part of it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

10 minute Facebook Break

Office workers in the UK will soon be given a 10 minute a day Facebook Break.
This is an amazing development. Those companies finally realized that they can not totally disconnect their employees form Facebook, so instead, they have decided to give them 10 minutes a day.
10 minutes is not enough for anything.
How can that work?
Those employees will always feel like kids that were playing with their favorite toy that was suddenly taken away by mommy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Companies block Facebook reports that In the past six months, there's been a 20% increase in the number of companies blocking Facebook, Twitter and other social networking web sites.
Their report is based on a study released by ScanSafe, released this week.

James Norrie, the associate dean and professor at Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Management, harshly criticized the trend. He said that banning employees from using social-networking sites is "one of the most awful things businesses can do to themselves."
"The whole notion of trying to take technology away from (workers) is as good as spanking them and sending them to their room," said Norrie.
I can't think of a better way to say it!
Are you still looking for the best way to access facebook? I think you have just found it. Didn't you?

Monday, August 17, 2009

SEC ban social media site at games

Imagine walking into Gator Stadium this fall and watching Tim Tebow throwing a game winning pass at the end of overtime. How do you celebrate in today's age? After hugging everyone around you and doing the chomp, you would probably take out your phone and do one or more of the following:

* Take a picture and upload it to Twitpic or Facebook
* Update your Twitter status to say " Unbelievable Throw! Go Gators"
* Take a video and upload it to Facebook or YouTube.
Well, none if these are going to work.
Recently, the SEC released their policy to restrict the use of social media during any of their football games this fall. Part of the issue is $3 billion deal that CBS has with the conference over the next 15 years according to The St Petersburg Times that gives them the only "authorized" media coverage of all SEC games.
Here is yet another great usage for access facebook. If you are in a football game and must twitt, there is your way out!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Internet Filtering in the Middle East

The OpenNet Initiative has released their new report about Internet Filtering in the Middle East and North Africa. According to their study, censorship across the Middle East is on the rise, and the scope and depth of filtering are increasing. Filtering is both political and social, and the only onces that still don't filter any material are Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and the West Bank. And Israel of course. All the others work hard on blocking whatever they can. Bahrain, Iran, Syria and Tunisia have the strictest political filtering practices in the region.
It is interesting to see that while the world is getting more and more global, some countries are doing anything they can, to stay more and more local.
It seems that the fear from free information makes quite a lot of Arab leaders loose sleep.
If you know someone from those countries that wants to access facebook, tell them about us. We can be their windows to the world.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Malaysia to block "undesirable" content

Malaysia has joined the club!
According to latest news reports from Reuters, the country intends to impose an Internet filter to block "undesirable" content.
Who is next?